Compressed Air Dryers

Why Refrigerated Air Dryer

Refrigerated compressed air dryers are one of the most common used types of air dryers. It is simple in design, requires very little maintenance and cost effective. Generally where the buyers don’t have special requirements, like an ultra-low dew point – The refrigerated Air dryer is the suitable option to protect the tools and equipments.

Working Principal

Saturated Compressed Air enters the pre cooler within which it is cooled by exchanging heat outgoing chilled air. The inlet air is further cooled in the super cooler (evaporator) by refrigerant. In the evaporator heat transferred from the compressed air to refrigerant. This process cooled the air and reduces the capacity to hold water vapour resulting in moisture condensation. This condensed moisture is removed from the air stream by an in-built moisture separator and automatic drain valve. Lastly before reaching the application cold compressed air passes through pre cooler, where the cold air re-heated. Refrigerant Compressor and condenser supply the cooled refrigerant to evaporator through expansion device. The Hot gas by-pass valve balance the operation of refrigerant system to compressed air cooling load.

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  • Performance to meet ISO Class 4
  • Simple and Proven design, quality components
  • Non-Cyclic type for constant Pressure Dew point
  • Easy installation
  • Easy access to key components
  • Low pressure Drop
  • Lowest Power Consumption


  • Protect your pipe from corrosion
  • Good Air quality and saves money
  • Increase lifetime of tools and equipments
  • Long Service interval

Typical Application

  • Automobile Industries
  • Cement Industries
  • CNC Machine Shop
  • Chemical Industries
  • Electronic Industries
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Glass Industries
  • Hospital Application / Health Care
  • Leather Industries
  • Packaging Industries
  • Paper Mill
  • Power Plant
  • Printing Industries
  • Rice & Sugar Mills
  • Tea Gardens
  • and many more...

Exclusive Features

Heat Exchange

Our Heat exchanger is a combination of Pre-cooler, Evaporator and Moisture Separator. This Compact 3 in 1 integrated Heat exchanger optimise the space. Its Modular design ensures Low Pressure drop and maximum Heat Transfer efficiency. And helps reduce load of evaporator to confirm less power consumption. Internal Stainless Steel demister Pad efficiently removes moisture continuously. We have option of choice Aluminium Heat Exchang er and Stainless Steel & Copper BPHE Heat Exchanger.


Air Cooled Condenser designed with optimise fin space, leak-proof, made with 100% copper with aluminium fins. We provide Stainless Steel & Copper Braze plate heat exchanger for water cooled model.


Zenith committed to save earth and energy. We designed our dryer with Ozone friendly refrigerant to conserve the earth resource and optimize pollution.


Programmable Micro controller fitted with dryer to protect the refrigerant compressor And other equipments. The controller programmed with interlock to protect with system due to Hi and lo refrigerant pressure, abnormal incoming voltage, condenser cooling fan operation (air cooled), absence of cooling water (water cooled) and abnormal current. The controller having on delay timer to protect the machine from frequent On/off.

Non Cylic Refrigerant System

Dryer Refrigerant circuit consist with direct expansion and Hot gas by-pass to ensure constant dew point on different load condition without any further adjustments.