Compressed Air Treatment Accessories

Automatic Drain Valve

In the compressed Air system downstream of the air compressor, moisture is condensate. This condensate occurs at several places continuously down the line within the compressed air system. This can corrode the pipe, valve, gauge and equipment and cause increase the downtime of production.

Zenith offers Automatic drain valves to drainage the above condensate automatically from the compressed air system without providing any manpower.

Salient Features

  • Compact and Easy to install
  • Direct Acting
  • Highly Reliable
  • Economical efficiency
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Electro timer based with variable time set mode depending on application
  • Large orifice for effective discharge
  • Zero air loss with energy saving option
  • Strainer cum Isolation Valve as optional accessories
  • IP 55 protection
  • Hydrostatically tested
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Accessories of Automatic Drain Valve


This is one of the optional accessories of Automatic Drain Valve.
We recommend to install the Automatic Drain Valve with this strainer Cum Isolation valve for trouble free operation and easy maintenance.