Compressed Air Treatment Accessories

Compressed Air Filter

Purification of compressed air is needed because the air we breathe carries contaminants. Airborne particles, water, microbes, and chemical gases enter compressors. At a compressed state these contaminants become concentrated and more destructive. In the compressed air system, hard particles assault equipment and piping. The result is damage to the system and more particles generated.

Examples of particles found in a compressed air system include desiccant dust, rust, pipe scale, metal oxides, and dirt. By applying proper filtration system the above can be eliminated.

Salient Features

  • Extension current route to slow pressure drop
  • High grade aluminium-alloy and carbon-steel Housing Painted surface with epoxy resin for wear resistance and corrosion resistance
  • Screw threads structure at inlet and outlet for easy installation with air flow indication on the Housing
  • Compact design for flexible troubleshooting
  • Update pressure indicator to secure element replacement
  • Level indicaror to monitor critical level for downstream pollution prevention
  • Reliable automatic drain
  • Outlet air Quality confirm ISO8513.1 quality class
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Accessories of Compressed Air Filter

Air Filter Element

Highly efficient Borosilicate glass fibre filter element, for different filtration ratings with minimum pressure drop.