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Water is one of the natural ingredients which are available in variable quantity in air. The water vapour amount as well as the air contamination plays important roles for the compression process as well as for the air delivered from the same.

Water is most well known for its corrosive and erosive property in various industries. Air, which is untreated at the atmospheric pressure has huge amount of water as well as other contaminants like dirt particles and oil droplets.

The other contaminants and the moisture concentration automatically increase due to compressed air. This corrosive may have a detrimental effect upon the pneumatic equipment in case it is left to remain within the system for a longer period of time. These causes in less production in terms of reduce span of life for the equipment and product spoilage.

Compressed air dryers arrest/condensate water vapor and remove through Auto Drain valve and Compressed air filters arrest the oil and dirt content and arrested/condensate moisture and oil content remove through Automatic Drain Valve before air reaches the point of use.

Zenith offer a comprehensive range of products in line of compressed air purification, designed to meet specific needs of various industries.

Compressed Air Purification Systems essentials for getting quality of air at the most economical costs to reduce the down time as well as production cost also improves the lifetime of down-stream equipments. Zenith serves wide range of compressed Air purification products as per your requirement for various application.